Safely Decorating for the Holidays

Dated: November 19 2021

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Safely Decorating for the Holidays

The holidays are here again! This time of year is filled with joy, celebration, tradition, and family. Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than festive decorations, fun wrapping paper, candles, Christmas trees, a warm fireplace, or holiday lights.

As you pull out the decorations from your attic or storage to deck the halls, remember to take care while decorating to keep your home and your family safe from harm. We want you to have a safe and fun holiday season!

Holiday Decorating Safety Tips

Here are several safety tips to help you decorate your home during the holidays:

  • Double-check the wires on your holiday lights to ensure they are working properly and safely. Replace broken bulbs and replace damaged strands. Frayed and damaged wires can cause an electrical shock or fire.
  • Give your tree a drink! If you are celebrating Christmas and have a live tree, remember to give it a drink! Dried-out trees can be a fire risk.
  • If you are using a pre-lit artificial tree, check to see if it was recalled. Even if not recalled, pre-lit artificial trees can pose safety risks from exposed wiring, wiring that is too short, or cords that aren't plugged in properly.
  • Use the right extension cord for the job. We know it may be tempting to use an indoor extension cord outside, however they are not intended for outdoor use.
  • When hanging outdoor lights, practice proper ladder safety. Have someone help you install the lights to avoid an accident.
  • Keep decorations a safe distance from flammable objects, especially your fireplace. Some lights and decorations can go up in flames quickly - be safe when placing decor near an open flame.
  • Never leave candles unattended. Christmas, New Year's Eve, and New Year's Day are the three top days for candle fires. While they are pretty and can set the tone for a holiday party, they can be a nuisance. Snuff out candles if you are leaving the room and especially if you are leaving the home.

 Holiday Decorating When Your Home is For Sale

Are you in the process of selling your home during the holidays? This is a great time of year to be on the market. Homebuyers this time of year have a higher intent to purchase, so maximize the opportunity with well-thought-out decorations to create a warm, festive atmosphere.

If you are selling your home, here are some tips to decorate not only safely, but also make your home attractive to buyers.

  • Choose holiday decorations that are not too big, or too small. One of your yearly traditions may be setting up a huge train display or setting out your collection of 100 snowmen. Keep in mind that some decorations can make a room feel small, so opt for more traditional decorations when your house is for sale.
  • Coordinate the colors in the room. If possible, use a color theme in each room. Thought-out color combinations can make a room feel bright and warm.
  • Don't block natural light. Natural light does wonders for a home on the market! Don't hang large items in windows that can block sunlight. Choose medium-sized wreaths over large, bulky ones for your windows.
  • Use exterior decorations to add curb appeal. Exterior decorations can add the "wow factor" that buyers are looking for. Remember - less is more, so choose a few classic decorations like twinkling lights or decorative, lit trees on the porch. While large inflatables may be fun for the family, they are not great additions to a lawn if you are trying to sell your home.

 Unsure if your holiday decor is attractive to homebuyers? Talk to your agent at your real estate agency about ways to decorate with homebuyers in mind.

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